Arlington Va Car Detailing

Trust, quality, and reliability are our three main guiding principles. At Focus Auto Detailing we aim to minimize the effort our clients have to put into cleaning and detailing their cars. We are a mobile detailing company that brings the top to bottom detailing services to the doorsteps of our clients.

We provide a broad range of mobile detailing services that include basic car interior and exterior maintenance as well as a variety of packages that offer 9-step paint protection or the clay bar treatment of your vehicle.


Our mission is to serve our loyal clients regardless of where they are. Our crews are made out of seasoned professionals who come to your office, your home or to any other location within our service area.

  • Shampooing car seats
  • Cleaning of the vehicle’s leather and vinyl areas
  • Vacuum cleaning of all vehicle’s interior surfaces
  • Window and mirror washing
  • Trunk cleaning services
  • Washing of the wheel wells, tires, and rims
  • Waxing, hand-drying, and polishing services
  • Cleaning the plastic and rubber trim
  • Odor elimination
  • Pet hair removal
  • Stain treatment
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Paint Sealant


We offer three different packages that include both basic and advanced detailing services. You just have to select one of the available options and our team will take care of the rest. Our goal is to provide all services your car needs with a high level of professionalism. Every Auto detailing in Arlington Va service we offer from vacuum cleaning a car’s interior to clay bar treatment is provided with care and great attention to detail. Select one of the available packages bellow.

Exterior & Interior packages

Our Exterior & Interior packages features a range of services that will make your car look like it was brand new. We’ll do everything from vacuuming the seats and cleaning the trunk to polishing your car’s exterior.

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Exterior Only Packages

Appearances matter both in personal and professional life, so what better way to show what you stand for than by keeping your car’s exterior in a perfect condition.
It will keep your car clean and make it glow.

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Interior Only Packages

Making sure that your car’s interior is always clean will make the driving experience for the members of your family or your business associates more pleasant.
Your car’s interior deserves only the best.

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